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So you have been playing paintball for a while and decided its now time to step it up and buy your own gear.

Well, why not come along to a walk on event and play with like minded people who also own their own gear?

Walk on events are so called due to the fact you can just turn up and walk right on. You are expected to have your own kit, be able to look after yourself and your kit and come to have a good time.

The walk on community in the UK is huge and amazing, people are friendly, welcoming and will go out their way to help you out if they can, so don't be worried about coming along to one of these events, as from the moment you turn up you will fit right in.

In the UK all markers need to chrono under 300fps, ideally 280fps to allow for spikes and you must use a full face mask that is fully rated for paintball use and in good condition. You must also have your own HPA bottle to fill with the HPA we supply you with, this must be in-date and without damage for you to be able to fill it on our site.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our walk ons.

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