Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to availability. Your choice of date may not be available, but alternative dates will always be offered. Try to book at least two weeks ahead. Dates will very occasionally have to be changed if there is not enough bookings in your age category on a particular day. We will try and give you 5 days’ notice if this is the case.

If you cancel your booking we will give you a full refund on any monies paid if you have given us at least one week’s written notice prior to the booking and with in the 60 day money back policy for PayPal, otherwise a full credit can be requested for use in any future booking.

Payments are not transferable on the day of your booking. Entry fees cannot be exchanged for paintballs on the day of play unless part of the deal you have booked. If members of your party fail to show on the day of your booking, a 50% credit can be requested for future use.

Cars are parked at the owner’s risk. So please do not leave valuables, bags, phones etc on show in your car, bring them into the main HQ for safe keeping.

Only paintballs supplied by Splatoon Paintball on the day of your booking may be used. All players agree to be bound by the safety rules. Any player that is unable to comply with our safety instructions will be excluded from Splatoon Paintball without any refund.